STANDA Crime Prevention Community & Business Patrol Program
(Roaming Patrol)

Security Services with the Highest Degree of Professionalism and Integrity.

The Community & Business Patrol (CBP) Program is a random inspection program to ensure that your business and/or property is protected.

For Auto Dealerships, Apartment Complexes, Construction Sites, Gated Communities, Health Care Facilities, Businesses, Retail Complexes, Corporations and Individual homes

This is a new and developing area in the security services industry. For customers who don�t have the need or the resources for continuous security coverage, but want the same high visibility and quality security service of a large corporation.

A Trained and Licensed security specialist will conduct regular patrol of your facility and/or business on a schedule set by you! The security specialist will perform a thorough inspection based on your particular needs.

Benefits of the Community & Business Patrol Program

  • A definite theft deterrent & peace of mind
  • No new employees to hire
  • No need to hire a full-time security officer
  • Potentially saves money on your insurance premiums
  • You control times and frequency of patrols and inspection
  • Qualified Trained & Licensed Patrol Officers
  • Weekly written reports and information about the inspection
  • Customer tailored pricing to fit your cost & budget

Our patrol service clients have the comfort of knowing that a high quality, professional organization is watching their facility.

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